Happy Virgo Season! This beautiful, adaptable earth energy is resilient, practical, and dedicated. In a way, Virgo is a foil for Leo’s boisterous, egocentric approach to life. Once we have integrated the ego and its needs, Virgo season offers lessons in service and humility. It’s an excellent time to tie up loose ends, develop healthy habits, and focus on your stability and community. The new moon in Virgo on the 7th is an excellent time to purge negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, and disorganized communication. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury (the planet of communication and intellect), will be transiting Libra all month and retrograde on the 27th, by which time the sun will have entered Libra. Both Libra and Virgo are—at their best—charming, adaptable, balanced, and kind. It is in our best interest to learn how to cultivate these traits within ourselves and to support our loved ones in ways that encourage collective healing. The full moon in Virgo’s sister sign Pisces on the 20th will provide loving lessons and rewards from balancing faith and practicality—if you have done the inner work to establish equilibrium between self-love and service to others.


This month the sun will join Mars in its transit of your 6th house. Last month’s energy will hopefully have encouraged you to refine your health routines, learn more about yourself, and communicate effectively. On the 2nd, Mars will be in opposition to Neptune, triggering hidden or repressed anger issues and inviting you to examine the higher vibrational ways to deal with conflict. This could also be an examination of your will to succeed and how your emotional reactions to collective issues can inspire your creative problem-solving skills to the benefit of you and your community.


You are bound to be feeling more grounded this season after a growth-oriented Leo season. The sun’s transit of your 5th house might have you particularly revved up in the realms of romance and creativity. The new moon in Virgo on the 7th is an excellent time to write down what you would like to manifest. Your ruling planet Venus will spend the first 10 days of the month in fellow Venusian sign Libra before moving into the intense, watery depths of your sister sign Scorpio. If you are feeling more self-protective or experiencing trust issues, know that these are valuable lessons and that you should trust your intuition and embrace your inherent value.


This month might be very emotional for you, Gemini. The sun and Mars will be transiting your 4th house of home, security, and emotional health. Though this transit might be a little watery for your liking, focusing on your physical and energetic foundations can be incredibly rewarding and ultimately relaxing. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be transiting your 5th house in fellow air sign Libra, bringing balance and harmony to your interactions with others and encouraging healthy new partnerships—if you are able to communicate effectively and honestly, that is.


This earthy Virgo season is an excellent time for you to take a look at your communication patterns and the ways your passionate nature influences your intellectual pursuits. The sun and Mars will be transiting your 3rd house, and the new moon in Virgo on the 7th will also occupy this area of your chart. Venus will be moving into fellow water sign Scorpio on the 10th, bringing forth lessons about ego and trust. Cancer is an energy that usually prioritizes intuition over logic, so perhaps logical, analytical Virgo season and these 3rd house transits are here for balance—the heart and mind must work together.


Learning how to balance practicality and emotion can be difficult, and this month you are being asked to do exactly that. As the sun and Mars transit your 2nd house, you might be feeling particularly reactive when it comes to your resources and what you have to give and receive materially. As you continue the start of this new cycle around the sun, now is a good time to take a look at your material foundations. Once Venus moves into fellow fixed sign Scorpio on the 10th, your focus may be split between material and emotional foundations. Trust yourself and the process.


Happy You season, Virgo! Your solar return is an excellent time to leave old patterns behind and embrace change. Your mutable earth energy will be particularly potent this month as the sun and Mars transit your 1st house. Dedication to your goals is being highlighted—embrace your most effective organizational habits and meditate on the things that keep you motivated. The new moon in your sign on the 7th is an excellent time to write down what inspires you and what you want to manifest. It is also a good time to release self-limiting beliefs. The full moon in your sister sign Pisces on the 20th will reward you if you have demonstrated dedication to your growth and your goals.


As you come to the end of your solar cycle, take stock of the last year and the lessons you’ve learned. As the sun transits your 12th house the comprehensive results of your choices and actions over the past year are being illuminated by your subconscious. It may feel uneasy, it may feel liberating—ultimately it depends on your attitude. If there are cycles that you are ready to release, do it in ways that embrace Virgo’s practical and kind nature. Venus (your ruling planet) will continue to transit your sign for the first 10 days of the month before shifting into serious, brooding Scorpio. Embrace balanced self-love for the Libra portion of this transit, and the Scorpio transit will provide new levels of trust, understanding, and depth in the realm of relationships.


This Virgo season will have you looking at the big picture in terms of how your strong intuition and depth can best be of service to your community and society as a whole. The sun and Mars will be transiting your 11th house, house of humanitarian pursuits and friendship. Simultaneously, Venus and Mercury will be transiting your 12th house until Venus moves into your sign on the 10th. There will likely be tension between your desire to focus on being a good lover and friend and your desire to independently contribute to the greater good. Both can be achieved if you take time to face your shadows and remove toxicity or resentment in either of these departments.


Virgo and Sagittarius might not appear to have that much in common on the surface—Virgo is considered more calculated and introverted while Sagittarius can be impulsive and dramatic. As the sun transits your 10th house, your career and goals are likely to be your main focus, and it is an excellent time to be creative in your approach and generally roll with the punches. Sagittarius and Virgo are both mutable signs, and though their approaches are different, a great deal can be learned by integrating earth and flame into a sustained, well-banked fire.


Your ruling planet Saturn has several aspects with personal planets this month, indicating that the rapid growth we are likely to all experience during Virgo season will affect you most strongly. Fellow earth sign Virgo can teach you to be more adaptable, and Saturn’s continued transit through Aquarius will keep you focused on how your innate power can initiate great strides in collective, societal goals. The sun will move into fellow cardinal sign Libra on the 22nd and though your shared action-oriented nature might have you jumping into things headfirst, it is important to remember what Virgo season teaches you about being calm, focused, and adaptable.


The sun and Mars will be transiting your 8th house this month, guiding you to take a look at deep-seated patterns around control, fear, death, regeneration, and understanding your highest emotional potential. Aquarius can be stereotyped as unfeeling and distant, but it is because the breadth of your empathy is so broad and deep that it must be contained and carried. On the 10th, Venus will move into fellow fixed sign Scorpio, intensifying the experience of having to process subconscious emotional patterns that might negatively impact some of your relationships.


Virgo season will be starting off with a bang for you! On the 2nd, Mars will oppose your ruling planet Neptune, triggering sudden insights about how your ambition and your higher emotional good are (at times) connected and (at times) in conflict with one another. Your sister sign Virgo might not be as intuitive as you but can offer great lessons in clear communication. The new moon in Virgo on the 7th is an excellent time to start new cycles in how you communicate and set boundaries. The full moon in your sign on the 20th will bring opportunities to engage your most beautifully chaotic Piscean ways—if you have learned the lessons your earthy sister had to teach you.

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