A black and white illustration of a creature that has the head of a goat and the tail of a sea creature. The creature’s torso is black, with tiny white crescent shapes throughout. It has speckled white horns and a goatee. Its front arms has hooves and also fins. The tail resembles a mermaid’s tail. Underneath the tail and to the right of it are branches with white leaves. Illustration by Artemesia Trapeze.

This month we bid adieu to our longest-serving (five years!) astrologer Christina Igoe (who you can still follow on Instagram at @iamastrology). For 2021 ANTIGRAVITY welcomes Taylor Balkissoon, a “queer mixed race person (Jamaican and French Canadian), Gemini Sun-Cancer moon-Virgo Rising, with Mars and Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo,” who also DJs and works with Southern Solidarity. You can find sign-specific playlists and additional spiritual content on her Instagram at @what_are_the_wild_waves_saying.

Happy Capricorn Season, folks! When many people think of Capricorns they think of repressed workaholics. We can, however, subvert these stereotypes by collectively channeling the sea goat. Healthy Capricorn energy embodies the capacity and the will to enact lasting changes in the physical realm, as well as a (sometimes unnerving) idealism, endless energy, and deep empathy. Capricorn works hard, plays hard, and feels hard.

In mid-December, Saturn and Jupiter both moved into Aquarius after spending two-and-a-half and one-and-a-half years in Capricorn, respectively. Our collective energy is shifting from a focus on personal security and responsibility to collective care. Entering a new year with new Saturn-Jupiter energy might be invigorating for some and a struggle for others; regardless, we will all be experiencing a collective shift in the arenas where we experience restriction, as well as potential. Luckily, on January 6th Mars will move into Taurus from restless Aries, and this double dose of Earth energy will ground us in making the decisions that protect ourselves, those we love, and our communities from harm.


The month starts for you with a focus on the big picture. This can feel uncomfortable for Aries, since your focus is so often on right here, right now. The sun will be transiting your tenth house of public image and career. This is an excellent time to make moves to affect real change in the world. Your ruling planet, Mars, will be in fellow fire sign Sagittarius until January 8th. This is potent energy to understand why you do what you do—and then doing it! Create, move the earth, use that compulsive nature and fire to start new projects, and then harness the cardinal Capricorn energy to see them through.


This month starts with a grand trine between the sun in Capricorn, the moon in Virgo, and Taurus on the descendent. For you, lovely Taurus, if you’ve been feeling stuck or stubborn, the 4th is a good day to tune in to yourself and journal about how (or even if) you’d like to be more driven, and how you could work to make your emotional reactions more malleable (but still authentic!). Mars will be transiting your sign starting on the 6th through the end of the month, strengthening the bond between your ego and your will.


This month the sun will be transiting your eighth house, with a conjunction of the sun and Pluto on January 14th. Earth seasons are not always the easiest time for our free, breezy way of being, but we are all forced to live through them, and this eighth house-Scorpio-Pluto energy is going to make the wind howl through the caves of our subconscious and our deepest desires. Harness this difficult, transformational energy by having the conversations that you’ve been avoiding, either with yourself (twin-to-twin) or the people with whom you share deep soulful connections.


This month the sun will spend 20 days transiting Capricorn, your sister sign. The Cancer-Capricorn axis concerns dependence vs. independence, or perhaps emotional vs. structural support—Cancer will fish for you; Capricorn will teach you how to fish. Both have their value. We all need support sometimes, but this season might be about breaking unhealthy patterns where you are providing too much support, without setting parameters that teach your loved ones to nurture themselves. The new moon on January 13th is a good time to do what you can to let go of these patterns and set intentions for more sustainable ways of showing love.


You are bound to feel the large shift in energy that is happening after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius last month. These planets are foils for one another, the former about our boundless potential, the latter about discipline. Likewise, Leo and Aquarius are opposite (or sister) signs, an axis of individual vs. collective, or ego vs. superego. Finding the way to harness your obvious, brighter-than-the-sun individuality within this 2.5 year cycle of societal focus on the collective might be difficult, but it will be worth it. The full moon on the 28th will be a good opportunity to take time to recognize any toxic ego needs and release them in the name of what you can provide: true love, humility, and leadership.


This month the sun will spend most of its time in Capricorn, your fellow earth sign. Being in a season that shares an element with our sun sign is generally beneficial, and this month the sun will transit your fifth house of creativity and romance. If you’ve felt afflicted lately (who hasn’t?) it might help to let your conscious mind breathe. There is a way to be of service to others and hardworking without sacrificing too much fun, romance, or creativity. Give yourself moments to feel shiny, to rest, and to seek pleasure.


Venus, your ruling planet, will be in Sagittarius and transiting your third house of intellect and communication for the first ten days of the month. The third house is ruled by your fellow air sign, Gemini, and is an arena of somewhat scattered, loose, impressionable energy. This Sagittarius/Venus energy transiting this house might find your energy particularly scattered when it comes to love and relationships. The sun will be transiting your fourth house of home and security during Capricorn season, and then move into your fifth house when Aquarius season starts. This whole month is a good time to go inward, investigate your emotional needs, and then invest in deep, loyal connections.


Where your fixed water meets cardinal earth, it can feel like a meteor disturbing the still surface of a lake. The best option is to ride these ripples and waves, to recognize that your feminine receptive nature can’t be in control at all times, and to take the blows and transform that energy. Pluto, your ruling planet (and planet of transformation), will conjunct the sun on January 14th in your third house. Has your communication or intellect been suffering? Transform it. Is it solid? Transform it still. There is always room to explore further depths of yourself.


Venus will finish its transit through your sign over the course of the first ten days of the month, bringing love and relationships to the forefront of your day-to-day experience. Sagittarius can sometimes get a bad rap for how they operate in relationships, but your bluntness and dedication to personal freedom (when mediated) are core strengths that keep you from living in other people’s bullshit. However, learning temperance in these habits and desires during Capricorn season could lead to building better relationship foundations. Jupiter (your ruling planet) recently moved into Aquarius, another freedom-loving sign, but one with a focus on collective goals. How can you apply your philosophical bent towards knowing and understanding what it is to be free in the real world?


Happy you season, you beautiful, hard-working hedonists! The sun is transiting your sign this month, and it is a most auspicious time to fully step into your truth and live in accordance with your best plans, as well as impulses. Be discerning, keep your wits about you, and protect your heart. Saturn and Jupiter have both been transiting your sun for the last 2.5 and 1.5 years respectively, and you might be feeling less integrated into the community and more inwardly focused. Venus will enter your sign on January 8th, indicating now is a good opportunity to take a few weeks to focus on love and other personal relationships, as well as beauty and rest.


You are sure to be feeling a burst of potential now that Jupiter has entered your sign. The flip side, of course, is that Saturn has also entered your sign. Just when you are feeling like people are finally on the same page as you in terms of humanitarian goals and collective care, the environment will impose blockages that you (we!) must overcome. The sun will move into your sign on January 20th, and hopefully by then you will have had time to adjust and plan. You are the fixed air sign, like electricity, or the deep cold of winter that stings your nose. The sun’s movement into your sign is like a jolt to this electric nature, so use it wisely!


The sun will be transiting your 11th and 12th houses this month, indicating the end of a yearlong chapter. As you know, your season will begin later next month. Like birthdays themselves, entering the month where the sun transits our sun sign is an opportunity to be reborn, to shed the old, and set intentions for the new. The recent great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is bound to be having lasting effects on your subconscious as it transits your twelfth house (the house associated with Pisces). You may not understand clearly the changing flow of how you relate to society, and will benefit greatly from trusting your naturally strong intuition.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze