Hang Out 1 on 1: The Weeks

antigravity_vol10_issue8_Page_13_Image_0001“As for our places in history, we will run nakedthrough your streets before we sit decorated inyour halls,” The Weeks’ Tumblr proclaims. The five-piece band from Jackson, Mississippi started playing  together before some were old enough to drive. Now in their early 20s,  these musicians adorned in trucker hats and matching tattooshave a fine sense of  groove and a superior taste for the ridiculous.  Their 2013 album Dear Bo Jackson, released on Kings of  Leon’s record label Serpents  and  Snakes,  is a knockout  for youthful, vibrant Southern rock. The Weeksare Sam (guitar, vocals), Cyle (vocals), Cain(drums), Damien (bass) and Admiral (piano, organ, vocals).

Best thing you ever stole, bought, or borrowed?

Damien: I stole a paintball gun one time.

Admiral: A police scanner.

Sam: We were in Vegas one night and I’d had a little too much to drink. She told me that she’d lost her car keys. I woke up the next morning with a Las Vegas bottle opener key chain. I’m still not quite sure what happened.


What’s the best piece of advice  that you’ve ever followed? The key word here being followed.

Admiral: Don’t let them see you sweat. If you’re in it, you’re fuckin’ in it. That’s it. Just don’t show that you’re reluctant or you’re nervous. You have to be confident in whatever you’re doing.

Cyle: [The North Mississippi] Allstars said for every ten miles of road, there’s 20 miles of ditch. You can do with that whatever you want to.

Sam: When we were on the road with the Meat Puppets, there was this crazy motherfucker that looked like he should have been in the Meat Puppets but was probably too hard off to do it. He came up to us the first day and said, “Man, just keep your hair long and your groove strong.” I love it. I abide by that.


I wanted to ask you about that quote  on your Tumblr: “As for our places in history, we will run naked  in your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.”

Cyle: We were just trying to write something about the band or for the band. It’s a bold statement. If we get some crazy bit of success, that would be great and awesome, but we’re more inclined to get sweaty and drunk and dance on your stage. We’re going to have fun. We’ve played music for years with nothing. We’re kind of used to it.

Sam: And hopefully, at the end of the hallway—what is it, sit decorated in your halls? Yeah, hopefully there’s awards and all that shit.


What are you the most proud of with this last album?

Cyle: It turned out how we wanted it to turn out. When we were writing it, when we were thinking about it, we all had this vision—every band does—of what you want your album to sound like. If you can pull it off, great. If not, you’ll probably still get something amazing out of it. But we ended up doing pretty much what we wanted.

Sam: Usually, when you get out of a studio and you’ve got the rough mixes, you don’t ever want to hear it again. You’re so tired of it. Not that I listen to [this album] every day, but if I popped into the van and it was on, I’d probably let it play for a little bit.


You played the Circle  Bar the last time  you were in New Orleans.

Sam: It was an interesting night. The bass cap blew. A band that was supposed to be on the bill didn’t end up being on the bill…  It was a New Orleans show, what do you expect?

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