Leave the Crust on for RISE fest

Honkies gonna honkNew Orleanians love a good festival. And we also love our metal and punk rock. Hell, we’re known for these two things on a national level and rightfully so. We definitely know how to throw a party as well as deliver some head-splitting, boot-stomping tunes. Some might say it’s in our DNA, to tune up and throw down, showing locals and visitors alike just how it’s done. So it’s no surprise that December will see yet another music fest take a run at deafening the unwashed masses here, with the launch of RISE Fest: a three day cavalcade of crust, metal, punk, d-beat and noise, to be held at our local shrine of all things heavy and loud, Siberia.

RISE fest is a locally curated event, staffed and planned by “crustie” volunteers; but don’t mistakenly assume that this is yet another weekend bender masquerading as a festival. Sure, you’ll have the requisite Louisiana talent on display, with Fat Stupid Ugly People, The Pallbearers, Guiltless, Christ Puncher, Gasmiasma (pictured) and Snot Rag peppering the lineup. But there is a host of national acts playing, from all corners of the U.S. Recommended bands include: Bastard Deceiver (Tampa), Krang (Chicago) Chiches Christ (San Antonio) on Friday; Pyroklast (Madison, Wisconsin), G.A.S.H (Boston), Dead To A Dying World (Dallas) on Saturday and Circle of Vultures (Corpus Christi), They Eat Their Own God (Columbia, South Carolina) and Sky Burial (Nashville) on Sunday.
There will also be a merch section, as any good fest requires. Offering their wares at RISE will be Microphonic Meltdown Records and Unleash Hell Records. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for Pat Roig, who should be selling copies of his local flyer/ underground history book From Stapleguns to Thumbtacks as well as a selection of stickers. Pro tip: vinyl hounds should bring a backpack or shopping bag. Best of all, you won’t see any big-name advertising cluttering up the scenery, as RISE fest is run by music freaks for music freaks… exactly as it should be. —M. Bevis

RISE Fest takes place from December 7th through the 9th at Siberia. For more information, check out Siberianola.com for advance tickets and risefest.blogspot.com for a full schedule.

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