Things That Times-Picayune Art Critic Doug MacCash Has Called “Weird”


A play at the Fringe Festival.1MacCash, Doug. “’Possum Kingdom’ Joins Lineup of 76 New Orleans Fringe Fest Shows.” The Times-Picayune, 15 Nov. 2013. “Most conceptual art.”2MacCash, Doug. “Conceptual Art a Sign of the Times – One Project’s on the Internet; One Probes the Inner Spirit.” The Times-Picayune, 30 June 2000. Some performance art.3MacCash, Doug. “Ramp/Art.” The Times-Picayune, 29 Dec. 2000. Vincent van Gogh’s art.4MacCash, Doug. “A Historical Halloween Ramble.” The Times-Picayune, 26 Oct. 2007. Krazy Kat’s growing love for Ignatz.5MacCash, Doug. “New book celebrates, century-old ‘Krazy Kat’ cartoons created by a Crescent City-born artist.” The Times-Picayune, 25 Jul. 2010. MacCash’s own envy of New Year’s polar bear swimmers.6MacCash, Doug. “Watch lunatics take a (literally) freezing New Year’s dip in Lake Pontchartrain.” The Times-Picayune, 1 Jan. 2018. The icy palace on Superman’s planet.7MacCash, Doug. “As the world turns – Time marches on, but skating rink keeps on rolling.” The Times-Picayune, 24 Nov. 2000. Wraparound sunglasses worn by local YouTubers.8MacCash, Doug. “Mid-City duo creates nutty coronavirus talk show, vows to go live nightly till crisis passes.” The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, 18 Aug. 2020.

You Go Gyrl’s lips.9MacCash, Doug. “New City Park sculpture garden needs some street art, right?” The Times-Picayune, 11 May 2019. Mr. Balloon Hands’ flowers.10MacCash, Doug. “Artist drips paint on coronavirus murals; some says it’s part of game, others call it ‘personal.'” The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, 19 May 2020. Photorealistic paintings at NOMA.11MacCash, Doug. “Marvelous ‘Photorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection’ exhibit opens Saturday at NOMA”. The Times-Picayune, 6 Nov. 2014. Hyper-realistic sculptures at NOMA.12 MacCash, Doug. “Lifelike, deliciously deceptive exhibit closes Sunday (Feb. 3) at NOMA.” The Times-Picayune, 31 Jan. 2013. A log cabin sculpture at NOMA.13MacCash, Doug. “Lifelike, deliciously deceptive exhibit closes Sunday (Feb. 3) at NOMA.” The Times-Picayune, 31 Jan. 2013. Kali Girasek’s “tiny, vaginally shaped clay grottos (or whatever they are).”14MacCash, Doug. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – ‘Without Walls’ a mixed bag of works.” The Times-Picayune, 29 Jun. 2001. Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 3.15MacCash, Doug. “Art film is all about the process of creation.” The Times-Picayune, 10 Oct. 2003. Dirty Linen Night.16MacCash, Doug. “Dirty Linen Night 2018: coolish weather meets wonderfully creepy art.” The Times-Picayune, 12 Aug. 2018. A certain “something” about the Stage Manager from Our Town.17MacCash, Doug. “Carol Sutton brings a Crescent City vibe to ‘Our Town,’ Le Petit’s season-opener.” The Times-Picayune, 28 Sep. 2015.

Kiss’s “leather-kabuki vibe.”18MacCash, Doug. “Kiss is calling it quits with one last tour, hitting New Orleans on Feb. 22.” The Times-Picayune, 29 Oct. 2018. David Byrne, a “hip, cunning version of Mr. Rogers.”19MacCash, Doug. “David Byrne burns it down at the Gentilly Stage at Jazz Fest.” The Times-Picayune, 30 Apr. 2018. Mark Mothersbaugh’s art.20MacCash, Doug. “Devoted to art – ’80s music man Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame brings his oddly appealing photos to the 9th Ward.” The Times-Picayune, 10 Nov. 2006. A puppet at a Pink concert.21MacCash, Doug. “Pink: The aerodynamic diva earns her exclamation point in New Orleans.” The Times-Picayune, 18 Mar. 2019. A headdress worn by Megan Murphy in a French Quarter dance routine.22MacCash, Doug. “New Orleans friends cope with coronavirus confinement by dancing 10 feet apart in the street.” The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, 19 Mar. 2020. An outfit MacCash saw Peaches wear online.23MacCash, Doug. “Radical feminist singer-rapper rocks the Music Box Friday.” The Times-Picayune, 13 Oct. 2017. An outfit MacCash saw Peaches wear at the Music Box Village.24MacCash, Doug. “Outrageous women ruled the New Orleans art scene in 2017.” The Times-Picayune, 30 Dec. 2017. The Music Box Village.25MacCash, Doug. “The Music Box gets weird(er) with Gogol Bordello, Dec. 9 and 10.” The Times-Picayune, 7 Dec. 2016. The tent names at Jazz Fest.26MacCash, Doug. “A cranky tour of the AARP tent at Jazz Fest.” The Times-Picayune, 26 Apr. 2019. Tank and the Bangas on Jimmy Fallon.27MacCash, Doug. “Tank and the Bangas blow up on the Jimmy Fallon show.” The Times-Picayune, 13 Apr. 2019. Tank and the Bangas’ lyrics.28MacCash, Doug. “Duh, Tank and Freedia are the top Jazz Fest picks Saturday (May 4).” The Times-Picayune, 6 May 2019. Dr. John’s lyrics.29MacCash, Doug. “The world reacts to Dr. John’s death.” The Times-Picayune, 7 Jun. 2019. Al Yankovic.30MacCash, Doug. “What’s so weird about that? – Weird Al Yankovic dishes up pop satire, without the bite.” The Times-Picayune, 27 Aug. 2004. The sound of NPR on the car radio when MacCash pocket dialed his mom.31MacCash, Doug. “Sorry, Mom – Smart phones make it all too easy for us to make fools of ourselves.” The Times-Picayune, 1 Jan. 2010.

Marshmallow Peeps.32MacCash, Doug. “Bunnies plus anarchy equals New Orleans Bunarchy bar hop on Saturday.” The Times-Picayune, 14 Apr. 2017. A century-old proposal to farm hippos for meat.33MacCash, Doug. “Hippo gumbo, it’s the Louisiana tradition that might have been.” The Times-Picayune, 28 Mar. 2014. Little lobsters they serve in Honduras.34MacCash, Doug. “Great getaways – Notable locals’ trips down memory lane.” The Times-Picayune, 17 Aug. 1997. The bubbles in bubble tea.35MacCash, Doug. “Novel-teas – Frosty’s Caffe serves up colorful concoctions like you’ve never seen or tasted before.” The TImes-Picayune, 17 May 2002. Crawfish boil jelly.36MacCash, Doug. “Let the good times romp – Get set for the second weekend of Swamp Fest.” The Times-Picayune, 12 Oct. 2001. Crawfish posed in bottles.37MacCash, Doug. “New Orleans folk artist Al Marant’s crawfish bottles.” The Times-Picayune, 25 Mar. 2010. Mayflies swarming and dying at Café du Monde.38MacCash, Doug. “Watch: Weird bugs swarm Decatur St., shedding on Café du Monde tables and buzzing by tourists.” The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, 9 Sep. 2020.

“Here’s something you’re not going to read very often: The performance art wasn’t weird enough…39MacCash, Doug. “Tasty Art ala Cart needed to spice it up.” The Times-Picayune, 8 Jun. 2020. It’s sexy, that’s for sure, elegant but a little clumsy too, a touch obsessive, frighteningly fertile, somehow sad, and mildly forbidding…40MacCash, Doug. “The best Jazzfest poster ever? – Artist Douglas Bourgeois’ curvaceous Irma Thomas beckoning from an earthy marsh captures the essence of this city and its premier festival.” The Times-Picayune, 1 Mar. 2008. Pretty in pink—pretty weird anyway…41MacCash, Doug. “Broad Strokes.” The Times-Picayune, 14 Mar. 2008. The weird kid from Cooter Point still seems to be an angry, alienated, young American…42MacCash, Doug. “Americana Undone – Marcus Kenney fashions bits of paper and paste into nostalgic indictments of grown-up anxieties.” The Times-Picayune, 9 Mar. 2007. The seething, foul-mouthed malcontent? Mom, that was your darling son…43MacCash, Doug. “Sorry, Mom – Smart phones make it all too easy for us to make fools of ourselves.” The Times-Picayune, 1 Jan. 2010. Give me a 5-foot disembodied eyeball wrapped with thousands of squiggly veins and I’m a happy man…44MacCash, Doug. “Popping into another reality.” The Times-Picayune, 9 Feb. 2007. For a brief, weird moment, Robert E. Lee met Marcel Duchamp in the Crescent City.” 45MacCash, Doug. “Whitney White Linen Night 2009 was hot in more ways than one.” The Times-Picayune, 2 Aug. 2009.

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