Top 5 Worst People



As a life-long social justice advocate, the white NAACP Spokane Chapter President squandered her status as a civil rights leader on a series of bizarre and fraudulent claims about her own ethnicity. Thanks to Ms. Dolezal, the preposterous notion of “trans- racialism” has both cluttered the fight against racism and disrupted the conversation about transgender rights.



The Minnesota dentist hired a pair of Zimbabwean poachers to help him hunt Cecil, the popular leader of a pride of African lions in Hwange National Park. As a result of this heartless killing, an iconic living attraction is gone, parks around the region have seen a marked reduction in photo tourism, and the University of Oxford has lost its main subject in an important zoological study.



The Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO, in his acquisition of Duraprim—a drug used to treat toxoplasmosis in infants, AIDS patients, and cancer sufferers—could’ve left the relatively cheap medicine’s price the fuck alone, so that the more than 12,000 people per year infected with toxoplasmosis could afford life-saving treatment. Instead, he increased the price by 5,000 percent just to put his company in the black, and spent several on-air interviews smugly dismissing reporters’ incredulity at such a grotesque profit scheme.



A ten-year veteran of the McKinney Police Department and former Patrolman of the Year, the Texas officer barrel-rolled his way into gun- waving infamy, terrorizing a group of unarmed Black teens for the “crime” of swimming in a white neighborhood.



The billionaire human-impersonator had the opportunity to remain an obscenely wealthy obnoxious reality television star, whose most embarrassing trait was his extreme hair-loss denial. Instead, he’s decided to run for President, revealing a morbid caricature of the chauvinism, xenophobia, and naked greed of American society.


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