“Go To Drivers Ed. with King Louie’s Missing Monuments” Q&A by Dan Fox, photo by Eric Martinez, February #67
Firesquito! comic detail by Leo McGovern III and Caesar Meadows, February #67
“Tweeting the Night Away with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists” by Erin Hall, photo by Matias Corral, March #68
“I get the same energy…” quote from “Vockah Redu Brings the Incense and Bounce to This Year’s SXSW” by Michael Patrick Welch, photo by Chris Welcker, March #68
Sixth anniversary cover featuring The Local Skank by Bunny Matthews, June #71
“We just play our music…” quote from “Kicking Ass and Taking Cupcakes: The Local Skank
Have Their Shorts On” by Jason Songe, photo by Black Sails Photography, June #71
“Summer Tour Diary” July #72 cover design (featuring Mike IX Williams, Quintron, and Miss Pussycat) by Dan Fox
“The owner of the hall…” quote from “Death Trip Through the Heartland: An Eyehategod Tour Journal” by Gary Mader with Mike IX Williams, July #72
“It’s time to think outside the barrel” photo from a BP oil spill protest in Jackson Square by Alex Woehlke, July #72
Photo of Luke Allen from his turn at Guidance Counseling (“Stalkers, Hoarders and Cockblocks II”), August #73
“You can hear a song…” quote and photo from “Do You Wanna Dance? DJs Kristen and Matty Celebrate Ten Years of Mod Dance Party” by Dan Fox, August #73
“Usually the music industry…” quote from “The Hustler’s Gospel According to Impulss” Q&A by Michael Patrick Welch, photo by Gee Dagostaro, September #74


Photo from “The World’s Coolest Job: Catching Up with Ian St. Pe of the Black Lips” Q&A by Dan Fox, February #79
Quarter Vomit comic by Otto Splotch, February #79
Photo of Maddie Ruthless and DJ Karo from “Beats Per Month: Maddie Dreads” column by Graham Greenleaf, March #80
“The more care-free I feel…” from “Star from Suburbia: a Short History with Dave Fera” Q&A by Dan Fox, photo by Matt Rosenthal, June #38
Photo of Mike Lentz of White Colla Crimes by Matt Rosenthal, June #83
The Pallbearers 15th Anniversary July #84 cover by Bill Heintz
The AG Guide to Touring: compiled by Dan Fox, Beck Levy, King Louie, James Hayes, Dustin Crops, Jennifer Kirtlan, Gary Mader, Adem Vant Hull, and Durel Yates, photo by Dan Goetz, July #84
“Sometimes…” quote by Severin Lagarde from “Carrying the Corpse of Punk Rock with the Pallbearers” by Dan Fox, July #84
Photo of Hollise Murphy at Siberia by Gary LoVerde, July #84
Photo from “ANTI-NEWS: 30 Minutes and a Microphone with the Blackfire Revelation” by Jason Songe, August #85
“Make Way for Meschiya Lake” Q&A by Erin Hall, photo by Matt Rosenthal, August #85
Outer Bass flier from “Beats Per Month: Living BelowCLevel” by Graham Greenleaf courtesy of Donovan Fannon, September #86
Photo of DJs Kazu and Brice Nice by Dan Fox, September #86
Cover photo of Vinsantos DeFonte by Arturo Guevera (“Out There with Fringe Fest”), November #87
“Marie Laveau…” quote by Gregory Gajus from “Body Parts: The New Orleans Fringe Festival Explodes with Experimental Queer Theatre, Comedy and Performance Art” by Sara Pic, November #87
Photo of ANTIGRAVITY editors Erin Hall and Sara Pic, November #87
“My concept…” quote from “Talking Break Downs and Charlie Brown with Mannie Fresh” Q&A by Michael Patrick Welch, photo by Adrienne Battistella, December #88


The Honorable South cover illustration by Tiny Buffalo Clothing, February #91
“A few years ago I burned granny a CD…” quote by Charm Taylor from “The Resilient Souls of The Honorable South” Q&A by Michael Patrick Welch, February #91
Photo of Alynda Segarra (Hurray for the Riff Raff) and Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) at One Eyed Jack’s by Joshua Brasted, February #91
“We love Hank, Willie, and Waylon…” quote from “It’s Supposed To Be Loud: Shovels and Rope Make Friends with the Sound Man” Q&A by Dan Fox, photo by Leslie McKellar, April #93
Photo of Mike Schadwell (Dummy Dumpster) from “Guidance Counseling,” May #94
“Fat Kids From Outer Space” graffiti photo from “Tard and Feathered” Q&A by Skylar Fein, May #94
Illustration of Alba Houston by L. Steve Williams from “Bridging the Gap with Norco Lapalco” by Dan Fox, May #94
Tiffiny Wallace (distro manager) and Gary LoVerde (photographer) illustrations for the June #95 cover by Adem Vant Hull
“Print Matters” newspaper collage July #96 cover by Kevin Comarda
“Every genre…” quote by E Willy P from “The Rational Radicant: Small Dicks, Big Wars,” June #95
Photo from “10,000 Ways To Kill Your Baby And Other Nightmares Of New Moms” by Skwirl and Adele, July #96
“Jungle Hipster” meme from “D&B For Dummies: An Electronic Music Primer With The House DJ” Q&A with Greenleaf by Dan Fox, August #97
Cover photo of Shaun Emmons (haarp) by Danin Drahos, September #98
“I’ve never used the N-word in my music or the B-word…” quote from “Dâm Funk: A Glimpse Into the Funkmosphere” Q&A by The Buttons, illustration by Jeremy Wilson, September #98
“In a city where 10 year-olds tap-dance for dimes…” quote from “Everyone Hates the Oogles: Exploring the Animosity Toward New Orleans’ Panhandling Punks” by Jules Bentley, illustration by Ben Passmore, September #98
Illustrations from “Endless Gaycation: Summer is Over When We Say So” by Ashlee Arceneaux, writeup by Sara Pic, October #99
Photo of Ted Riederer from “Platters and Pints with Never Records” by Kevin Comarda, October #99
“I don’t understand…” quote from “Lonesome Dove: On the Couch with James Hayes,” Q&A and photo by Kevin Barrios, November #100
AG staffers Sara Pic, Tiffiny Wallace, Leigh Checkman, The Rev. Dr. Daniel P. Jackson, and Erin Hall table at Voodoo Fest, November #100
“Holy shit! Other people exist!” comic panel from Dirtfarm, “Could This Finally Be Your Year!?” by Ben Claassen III, December #101


Illustration of Nowe Miasto sign by Ben Passmore from “New City Blues: New Orleans’ Iconic Commune Sits at the Crossroads” feature by Derek, January #102
iPhone 6 comic panel from 2013 Dirtfarm calendar by Ben Claassen III, January #102
“If anybody tells you…” quote from “Spit and Tears: Hedwig and the Angry Inch Work With What They’ve Got” Q&A by Sara Pic, photo of Evan Spigelman as Hedwig by Dan Fox, January #102
Photo of Noisician Coalition member by Adrienne Battistella for the February #103 cover
Alligator at Mardi Gras from Quarter Vomit comic by Otto Splotch, February #103
Illustration of dog by Adem Vant Hull from Paw Talk column “Pets vs. Plants” by Emily McWilliams, March #104
Photo of Gabe Soria celebrating his 40th birthday with Ed Hall at Siberia by Gary LoVerde, March #104
“ANTIGRAVITY: criticizing hipster capitalism…” quote from “Second Helping: Readers Respond to ‘Fork In The Road: Who’s Behind The Push For New Orleans Food Trucks?’” feature by Jules Bentley, April #105
Illustration by Ben Claassen III for “You Can Sit When You’re Dead: An Open Letter to the Jazz Fest Squatters” by Kate Russell, April #105
Magic Beans comic by Asa Jones, April #105
Photo of All People at Block Party 2013 by Adrienne Battistella, May #106
Eric Martinez, Dan Fox, and Kevin Barrios staff the ANTIGRAVITY table at Block Party 2013, May #106
Photo of Paul Webb and Dolly by Gary LoVerde, cover for the first Photo Issue, August #109
Photo of Guitar Lightnin’ Lee and Dave Slut on St. Claude Avenue by Adrienne Battistella, August #109
“Document your scene!…” quote by Gary LoVerde, August #109
“It was a gift…” quote by Mark Bingham (Piety Street Recording) from column Red Light Fever “That’s a Wrap!” by Robert Offner, September #110
Vampire teeth illustrations by Ashlee Arceneaux from “New Orleans Vampire Report, Fall 2013” by Jules Bentley, October #111
“If you can’t ask…” quote from “Truth to Power with Truth Universal” Q&A by Jules Bentley, photo by Annie Pennell, November #112
Big Top 2003-2013 photo, December #113


“New Year…” illustration from the January #114 cover by Ben Passmore
Photo of noise ordinance protest at City Hall by Joshua Brasted, February #115
“As our economy…” quote by Jules Bentley from “UnfairBnB: What Unlicensed Short-Term Rentals Mean for New Orleans,” March #116
“We want to deliver…” quote by Hollise Murphy from “Diet of Doom: Fat Stupid Ugly People Turns 10” Q&A by M. Bevis, photo by Gary LoVerde, April #117
“I like everyday New Orleans…” quote by James Marler from “Tracing the Future with Rotary Downs” Q&A by Erin Hall, photo by Cord McPhail, April #117
“I got really disgruntled…” quote by Jared Swilley from “Lightning Round with the Black Lips” Q&A by Dan Fox, photo by Joshua Brasted, May #118
lllustration from the June #119 cover, 10-year anniversary issue, by Ben Passmore
“There are actually…” quote by Leigh Checkman from “A Decade of Deadlines: Celebrating and Commiserating with 10 Years of Anti-friends,” June #119
“We often fall…” quote by Joey DeFrancesco from “Crashing Pits and Picket Lines with Downtown Boys” Q&A by Osa Atoe, photo by Eric Phipps, July #120
Photo from ladies skate day at Parisite Skate Park by Adrienne Battistella, August #121
“Right now…” quote by Walt McClements from “Lost and Found: An Interview with Walt McClements (Lonesome Leash)” Q&A by Erin Hall, illustration by Erin K. Wilson, October #123
“Don’t be…” and “When I look…” quotes from “Don’t Be a Ghost This Halloween” by Jules Bentley, October #123
“2014 can get the fuck…” quote by Mistress Anthropy from Astrocreep column, December #125
“When you do something creative…” quote by Donald Purvis from “Clocking In: Labor and Love with d.o.n.” Q&A by Dan Fox, photo by Adrienne Battistella, December #125
Photo from demonstration against police brutality by Adrienne Battistella, December #125


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